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Shuntesia is retired from the United States Air Force after serving 26 years and has two amazing daughters. She is actively involved in community service and is a member of the Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Incorporated. She also serves as a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.

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  1. As a anti-racist leadership development co-facilitator who is unapologetically Black, I cannot believe how devoid of naming, claiming your racial identity is amongst the various writers for this Mahogany newsletter. Is there an unspoken agreement to racially neutralize everything?

  2. There are parts of this story which are not biblically sound. I think whatever is written and shared should not confuse anyone who is seeking God and His truth.

  3. This was powerful and truly spoke to my heart. My boyfriend’s name is Damon and we are currently in a season of not speaking… Wow.. I truly believe this was meant for me to see and to continue to trust in God.

  4. What a beautiful story! It’s a true testimony that our Heavenly Father guides and directs the path of our lives. Thank you for sharing your truth.

  5. I can’t stop crying. I have tried to withhold them, but I can not stop crying. I’ve been trying to suppress this for weeks and just let life be life on every challenge I’m facing, but I can’t stop crying. Thank you for sharing, this is a response to the pressure.

  6. God will always put someone in our lives that would treat you like Queen you are and with royalty. We have to be remindful, enemy is deceiving he will bring someone similar you will think it’s an answered prayer but it’s devil deceiving you. The fact he had another women is that sign. God is peace not confusion. God told you do not be anxious for anything. Anyone you are involved with should always treat you like beautiful Queen you truly are and with royalty. I prayed Daemon is the one but do not settle when you deserve only the best. God bless.

  7. Shuntesia,
    Thank you for sharing. What a message on patience and waiting on the Lord, reminding me of Psalm 27:14 and Isaiah 40:31. I was especially intrigued when you said the Lord said, “Be patient and be anxious for nothing”, as I had taken a study course ‘Anxious For Nothing’ by Craig Groeschel, but I had never considered relationships in regard to this study. I actually ran across your story yesterday, but neglected to read it and almost deleted it. His led me right back to it today, and I was obedient to read it. Thanks to you for being obedient and allowing God to use you as His vessel of communication.

  8. This has me in tears. I’m grateful to have read this because I’m always trying to figure out the ways of God. It’s impossible to do so. It’s best I just fully trust in God, which can be challenging initially because I’m programmed to do and not rest in him. However, I ask God to reveal my purpose to me and also reveal the amazing man in my life. I know he is out there for me.

    Thank you, Shuntesia!

  9. Great story, some parts were not clear( separate bedrooms for example). But I’m not sure about allow someone back into my spiritual space so quickly after being with another women, which seems like a short period of time you guys was apart . I’m my sister’s keeper ( I’m concerned about the feelings of the other women). We see this so many times, to so many women in the church, since we out number the men in most churches.

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