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Dr. Cheryl Polote Williamson is a highly sought after speaker, multi best-selling author, award winning exec. producer and filmmaker, business leader, visionary, philanthropist, purpose connection coach, editor-in-chief of Cheryl Magazine, and most importantly a servant leader.

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  1. As I read this at 5am in the morning, I again smile and thank GOD for allowing me to meet you. This warmed my heart because I too do these things. Reading this made me smile and take a deep breathe. Keep doing what you are doing COACH, you have ENCOURAGED me to keep fighting the good fight.

    • As always, inspiration in excellence. For those that are not following Dr. Cheryl Polote Williamson, I humbly suggest you start. Motivation, inspiration, and affirmation, is her life’s blood. You will be empowered!

      • My apologies. I posted in the wrong place. This was a general statement that somehow posted to your thread.

  2. This is wonderful. I am the youngest of 5 girls raised by a single mother. My dad was in and out but not there. She was always such a hard worker and so giving. We have created a nonprofit that is small but we love to be able to give when we can. Keep up the legacy and continue loving others. Be blessed

  3. Thank you for your words of knowledge. I could not sleep so I decided to journal my thoughts about feeling unheard, not seen and misunderstood in this world. As i sat down to write your message came in. A message I needed to help start my day in a good way. Thank you again!

  4. Thank you so much, reading this really made me want to give life to my Legacy I consider this a gift. Article was very well thought out , and very well written , you can tell it was from the hesrt

  5. I was just speaking to my dear friend about leaving a legacy. What I have learned through time is how my perception has changed regarding what is important to me much like Dr Cheryl’s article.

    This article timing is impeccable. My legacy is inspiring people to love themselves so they can love thy neighbor.

  6. Thank you for sharing this inspirational story. I want to leave a legacy of joy and healing in the lives of those who cross my path. I pray that I am remembered for being considerate to someone when they needed it the most.

  7. Though I don’t know you personally, (although I would love to!), Dr. Cheryl, I recognize and so appreciate your heart.
    Your message blessed me.
    Thank you for igniting fond memories.

    I, too, was raised by a selfless-giver — my mom.
    As a wife and mother of 11 children, how she was still able to help and bless others used to baffled me.

    Not any more.

    Like you, legacy Iaid the mantle on me to also serve, bless, and give while inspiring others to do likewise . . . Just like your dad, you, and my mom.

    Thank you for this beautifully written page from the journal of your life. Thank you, Iron Woman, for sharpening my iron. You further inspire me to continue to serve, give and bless . . . while there’s still time. Thank you.🌹

  8. Your inspiration is indeed worthy of emulation. You have opened my eyes to a whole lots of “I CAN”. I bless the day I found you and I want to stay around you Dr. Cheryl because your vibes are positively infectious and I am grateful to God I met you.

  9. Great article! You got me to think what is my Legacy. First, I thought about Alex, my Son, very respectful young man and his kind heart. After reading the article, I too am kind and have a servant heart. I give what I can and it is the little kind things we do to help others. Thank you Cheryl for what you do!

  10. This article truly hit home for me. Dr. Cheryl’s powerful, intentional & authentic words eloquently summarized what I know to be my life purpose. I feel validated, heard, loved and affirmed in these words. Thank you Dr. Cheryl & Mahogany.com for creating a save place for those not often heard or seen to be….accepted & loved!

  11. I so love this article because I saw myself in it in many ways…. I will be remembered for giving people hope, love, the love of God and encouragement. I live my legacy daily through encouragement to others. It does not matter if you’re a stranger, family or friend, I will give you a word of encouragement, a smile, a drink, a handmade card or a prayer journal handmade by me to show you that you are valuable and loved.

  12. This is an excellent article Cheryl and very thought provoking! I want to be remembered as a woman that loved her family and believed in her God! I want people to remember that I am a woman of prayer and faith and that living a live of Free NDeed was my life’s mission and vision! I want to be remembered for providing opportunities for others to use their gifts and to sit at the table of opportunity! Lastly I want people to remember me for always believing in their dreams and goals!

  13. As an unapologetically Black woman, I am disappointed that the experience of legacy building described by Dr. Cheryl is not centered in African heritage practice. No where does the author refer to her African heritage. This is an omission that I find deeply problematic.

  14. I love this article and your commitment to service. I am blessed to lead a non profit that focuses on serving seniors, and I’ve started my own company which focuses on the legacy of my dad who was the designer of The Black American Heritage Flag. My company is dedicated to protecting the flag’s legacy and moving it forward. It’s mission is to encourage Black people to embrace our heritage as contributors to American society, and to have pride in our culture. This is a tremendous legacy for my family which involves giving back to our culture in a significant way. Thank you Cheryl for the reminder that success through serving others is life changing.

  15. This is a very good article and great reminder of what we all should be doing. I reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King comment “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve” This is the legacy I would like to leave that I served others well. Also my Faith because without Faith in God I would not be where I am today.

  16. I am 84 and reading about “me”. Even the part about your father. This is a confirmation for me to continue my lifestyle. I never thought of it as a legacy. Thank you!

  17. This really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom and your gift of writing with this world.

  18. I can relate to everything that was written in this powerful article. The writer give us a chance to reflect on time on this earth and what kind of legacy will we leave behind. Can we say well written, inspiring and beautiful put to help others walk straight into the destiny. Our legacy matters!

  19. Whew, this article brings me to tears… happy tears, tears of gratitude, tears of affirmation. One of my life’s mottos is that time is more valuable than money, because money can come and go but once time is gone, we can never get it back. Dr. Williamson, your love of your people, especially women, your sisters, resonates so profoundly in this article. What a great reminder that this life is not ours alone, and helping someone along the way, won’t harm or hinder us but elevate our own divine purpose and connection. Looking forward to additional articles from you and adding this one to my homepage to refer back to in those times where I forget.

  20. I enjoyed reading this. It has challenged me to be more legacy driven.Thanks for being a consistent inspiration. It’s great to see you living your legacy, pouring into others, and making a difference in the lives of others.

  21. Thank you for sharing, Dr. Cheryl. It feels good to willingly share and serve. It is a blessing to help meet a need.

  22. This is truly very inspiring and I love this. This has been a great encouragement. And thank you Ms. Cheryl how you inspire so many people on a daily basis. Dr. Eric Holmes

  23. Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiring words, today. They reminded me of my dad who passed from Alzheimer’s in 2017. The living legacy he left for me was to always lead with kindness no matter the situation. When you lead with kindness you touch more minds, hearts, and spirits. Blessings to you.❤️

  24. This was such a beautiful article. I’m here to tell you Mrs. Williamson lives the words she preach. I’ve seen her in action time and time again serving others with no expectations of a return favor. I’m sure that’s why she’s constantly blessed.

  25. Such a beautiful sediment of leaving and living your legacy. You obviously have a kind and loving heart. Helping people when they are in need and lifting up souls so they can do and be better. Priceless!

  26. My first lesson:
    Every story has three sides,
    His, Hers, and The Truth!
    I just left droppings of a golden nugget for
    You, my sisters

  27. What an awesome read. I am inspired also to help others as the spirit leads me. I definitely realize if you bless others, blessings will also follow you. You are definitely a blessing to me. I did not look at it as leaving a legacy. This is so insightful. Thank you

  28. This is a great question to take the time to think over. Thank you for sharing your story on how your legacy is going to impact so many people.

  29. Wow! What a powerful message and it so aligns with where I am in my own life. I especially love the question at the end because it’s something I consider daily. Thanks for your transparency💗

  30. Wow!! I was just sharing yesterday that as time passes I look back and see growth, maturity and healings in my life. Thank you always pouring into me/us! So we can live out legacy. 💕

  31. This was a beautiful message. Thank you for sharing. Many of our young women will remember reading this in a couple of years from now when they begin to see their growth in mindset that you teach so well. God was a SERVANT; He created you in his likeness and I’m GRATEFUL for that!!❤️

  32. Legacy is not only financial but it is what one shares and leaves that is of value to others. Thank you, Cheryl for your LEGACY.
    Continuous abundant blessings to you.

  33. I love this article. It inspired me to think about the ways in which I live to create a legacy for my family and those who come behind me. We get to decide how we want to live to impact lives, and this article is an awesome reminder of that.

  34. Your article is amazingly powerful! I am a grateful recipient of your powerful legacy! Thank you for sharing you with the world. You’re a shining example on how to posture ourselves for service to others! Thank you again!

  35. You are on point when you say live your legacy daily. The attributes of your legacy mimic the legacy I choose to live and one day leave behind for future generations. Blessings and thank you for sharing!

  36. My legacy will be someone that you can depend on. I am that friend or family member that you can come to know matter what and I will be there for you. That ride or die person! My legacy would be that I have a loving heart and that I am a giver.

  37. You cannot read this article by Dr. Cheryl Polote-Williamson without being filled. Filled in the spirit, the heart, and the mind. God continues to bless her so she can bless others. She is a model for women like me and is truly living her life on purpose for other people to find there own purpose. I’d love hee even if I didn’t know her. God bless you to Sister.

  38. You cannot read this article by Dr. Cheryl Polote-Williamson without being filled. Filled in the spirit, the heart, and the mind. God continues to bless her so she can bless others. She is a model for women like me and is truly living her life on purpose for other people to find there own purpose. I’d love hee even if I didn’t know her. God bless you to Sister.

  39. I admire your legacy and applaud your amazing journey. Although, I arrived at mine via the different path GOD has for me. My journey and legacy is attributed to GOD my Heavenly Father that led and guided me, held my hand and picked me up when I fell. l too share the passion to financially assist those in need as well…I actually allow those whom GOD has shown me to go before me in the grocery line and pay for both theirs and my groceries. The look of disbelief on the faces, allows me to share the goodness of ABBA Father and give all praise publicly to HIM who made the blessings possible. Legacies are important to share, thank you for the invitation to share mine.

  40. What I love about being grateful to ALMIGHTY GOD for strategically and intentionally connecting me to your legacy is the empowering affluence of your transparent transformation. The authentic nature of the Spirit resonates through your life and journey clearly showing that the Master is well pleased with your work and worship of service. I appreciate you more than life sometimes I feel so alone and your affirmation validation is what it took to keep moving. I’ve found so many broken pieces that are still usable and vital for me to reach gracefully broken souls like me. May Our FATHER forever grace and bless our spiritual friendship always. Your servant leader for CHRIST SAKE

    Apostle Michael Allen ❤💯🙏

  41. Love this! Legacy can be as finite or expansive as we desire. We can impact people and situations in both large events and everyday interactions—such a beautiful reminder!

  42. This is a wonderful confirmation for me to keep moving forward everyday in my goal to help others. And like the song says, “if I am able to help one person along the way, my living will not have been in vain.”

  43. My legacy is sharing every gift God gave me, with others for His glory.

    I am an intimate connector. It’s my desire for others to know that they have my undivided attention and intention.

    My legacy is using my God-given super powers to be the salt of the earth by helping to build up women’s confidence, promote healing and prosperity through the power of prayer, mentorship and gratitude, while living a peaceable and quiet life.

    My legacy is being a living example of what it looks like to walk in victory as an overcomer. Wether in business, entertainment, ministry or my personal life, I strive to be a fruitful tree that others want to take a bite of. (Good godly fruit)

    My legacy is to always strive to be the best version of me so that others may benefit from the best parts of me.

  44. You continue to inspire me to do and be better. Thank you for the work you do and the valuable lessons of legacy, gratitude and just being a decent human being. You’re simply amazing!

  45. Excellent read! Thank you my friend for leading by example. I love the fact that you stated everyone can leave a legacy. So many of us forget that we too have a legacy. The Legacy I’m leaving is the Legacy of being a light everywhere I go by inspiring others to live out loud out. I thank GOD for your serving spirit and giving heart. Blessings & Abundance

  46. Idk what people will remember me for. I do know that God has been using me my entire life to help others, to uplift others. It doesn’t always feel good either, although sometimes its rewarding beyond measure. But no matter how hard I fight against that calling, I always end back there. I guess, I hope I will be remembered for being that lady who cared.

  47. Reading, “Live Your Legacy” is like watching the love, that Dr. Cheryl shares, pour directly from her heart to touch all those lucky enough to be in her presence. If this is a love letter then I receive it wholeheartedly and challenge myself to answer the question, “How will I Live My Legacy?” Long ago, I discovered that the latest purse or shoes isn’t enough to fulfill me. But this challenge certainly does. Like Dr. Cheryl, I want my life to have meaning and purpose. I want to be remembered as someone who made a difference. Rising to the challenge, I am defining what “Live My Legacy” truly means. And I thank you, Dr. Cheryl, for beautifully drawing the blueprint on how to define the meaning of “Live Your Legacy” for each of us.

  48. This article is a beautifully written reminder to do our part to make this place better for future generations.
    Thank you for encouraging us to leave an enduring impression on purpose.

  49. My was a giver she gave others that were in need and she took care of the elderly sick people in the neighborhood! My mother would give her last to bless someone in need and I am living her legacy because I have picked the same mantle of giving and nurturing others! I will bless someone by saying the lord told me to pay for your groceries or your meal! I do whatever God leads me to do for others! Sometimes I will announce to them that I’m blessing them and some times I will do it secretly! At the beginning of the school year I brought a jacket for one of my granddaughters and her mom said she didn’t need it I was going to take it back but decided to bless the first little girl that was her size providing the parent said it was ok and that’s what I did! My daughter who is now 31 years old said to me one day momma I learned how to give and be a blessing by watching you! What an awesome legacy to leave behind by showing how to be a giver a show the spirit of love with work clothes on!

  50. Your message was inspiring. The struggles have become your triumphs. It takes most people a lifetime to know their purpose and calling. The foundation i had growing up has shaped who I am today, what I hope to be and what I value. The servant leadership style is my dominant personality. I love giving to others whether it be my time or resources I can’t say for certain what my legacy is or will be but my prayer is that I have positively impacted someone’s life.

  51. I love this! Legacy isn’t always about money. As you said you have a servant’s heart. You will be remembered for all you have done and what a great example that your father showed you growing up. For me my legacy is showing my son through my adversaries these past two years of how God has shown up and taken care of me, that God will take care of him. Helping people know through my traumas that the can overcome and live a life full of happiness and living their dreams with the help of God. God getting glory and bringing more people to having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  52. I will be remembered for not being in competition with others but setting standards. My legacy is to minister to single women and men that there life is not ruin or over after having a child out of wedlock. I use my business as an opportunity to minster by educating on the tools to navigate such as credit building, becoming financial stable, their self esteem, not accepting “no” as an answer and most importantly teaching them God is their direct source to complete healing and wholeness.Educating and teaching them to speak affirmations over their lives daily. My legacy is to continue to grow and operate in excellence with the goals that each one teach one. To continue to share knowledge, wisdom, and love. To share that we are all held accountable when we fail to build one another up, operate in love, and when we do not correct wrong or bring awareness to a wrong situation to the individual or individuals attention then we are operating out of the will of God. This can only be done by faith and love. Being a single parent is one of the tasks in the world which is rated the toughest, challenging and unlikeliest. Through prayer, faith, the right community, not being afraid to ask for help, and forgiving yourself you can achieve whatever your heat desires. My legacy is to remind them that their faith doesn’t rest in the wisdom of man but the power of God. I Corinthians 2:5

  53. Dr. Cheryl Polote-Williamson, this was a true inspiration. Living out your legacy is both valuable and intentional! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! Love you! 🥰

  54. This Article is timely. I am in a season of loss and loneliness which is giving rise to a search for a renewed sense of purpose. I would like my legacy to be that I spoke life into another’s life allowing them to find clarity and hope. And, that I lived in a way that reflected the love and compassion of Christ.

  55. Cheryl, sharing beauty that you see and feel helps bring peace to your own soul. I share by taking a phone picture of a bit of nature that attracts me. A perfect thistle flower, it’s complexity, it’s simplicity an amazing creation to be seen, photographed and shared with others to brighten our day. The act of sharing helps surround you with a sense of purpose and dignity.

  56. To leave a legacy, “you just have to want to leave the world a little better than it was before you got here.” Such a good read, Dr. Cheryl! My desire is to leave a legacy that empowers women to be their best selves and reach their full potential.

  57. I too enjoy reading my old journal entries. This post spoke to my heart. My Mother was a giver. She passed 9 years ago. She would give any and everything to anybody. My siblings and I often felt that people took advantage of her generosity. It wasn’t until I heard her Pastor say in her eulogy, she had the ‘Gift of Giving,’ that I began to understand. My brother, sister & I feel that we are reaping the rewards of the seeds she planted. Her Legacy is 3 children who are givers and sensitive to the needs of others.
    I now realize that I never really “knew” my Mother; her hopes, her dreams… the essence of the woman that God created her to be. So, my current journaling is very open and transparent. Because “when I’m dead and gone,” as my Mom used to say, I want my children to “know” me. There will be many insightful nuggets of information for them to read.

  58. Cookie,
    Your comment touched my soul. I’m
    am so grateful that Hallmark has a space and place especially for us to share our stories and thoughts with others.
    I felt your every word.

  59. I too enjoy reading my old journal entries. This post spoke to my heart. My Mother was a giver. She passed 9 years ago. She would give any and everything to anybody. My siblings and I often felt that people took advantage of her generosity. It wasn’t until I heard her Pastor say in her eulogy, she had the ‘Gift of Giving,’ that I began to understand. My brother, sister and I feel that we are reaping the rewards of the seeds she planted. Her Legacy is 3 children who are givers and sensitive to the needs of others.
    I now realize that I never really “knew” my Mother; her hopes, her dreams… the essence of the woman that God created her to be. So, my current journaling is very open and transparent. Because “when I’m dead and gone,” as my Mom used to say, I want my children to “know” me. There will be many insightful nuggets of information for them to read.

  60. Dr. Cheryl, your words have really inspired me to think even deeper about the legacy I desire to live and leave. As I empower melanated single mothers to reclaim and live their life of abundance, I often wonder “what more can I do?” to the point of considering different positions to hold in the community that will empower me to make the greatest impact and become more influential in my community. Thank you for such impactful words and examples of how I can carry out living a legacy of being a bridge for melanated single moms to win!

    Kristy ‘The Successful Titan Single Mom’

  61. “I always tell people, you do not have to be rich to leave a legacy, you just have to want to make life better for someone else in whatever capacity that you are able to.”

    These words really spoke to me. Because I thought back to all the times you took the initiative to make life better for Jeniece and I. You welcomed us into your home, gave us access to your friends and connections and most importantly you prayed for us. You have truly made our lives better. ❤️

  62. Thank you so much for this reminder and being intentional about what kind of legacy we want to leave behind. I’m creating a legacy of faith, philanthropy, and building a just world.

  63. Thank you for sharing your heart as well as clarity about legacy and the life we live today is a opportunity for making it better, sweeter, and more enlightened. The smile we give, the hand we hold, the support/service we give can not just be impactful or life changing, but legacy. I have been touched and moved greatly. Thank you & God bless!

  64. I’m blown away by your generosity…. not just with finances but with your encouraging words and wisdom. May God continually bless you!!

  65. Such beautiful words! You truly are living your legacy daily, and I thank you for encouraging me along my journey!!! You have a beautiful heart ❤️🙏🏾

  66. I want my legacy to be that I made a difference in how someone handled and overcame their advertises, not just surviving but thriving through them, giving God the glory and strengthening others.

  67. As I shared this inspirational message with both my hybrid and virtual Bible study gathering this week, it allowed and encouraged each member to become more aspirational in defining their legacies via service.
    They are all steadfast servant-based leaders. This message by Dr Cheryl Polote-Williamson resonated providing additional clarity and purpose driven actions and plans that will be successfully implemented. Thank you for this awe- inspiring message.
    As we shared a prayer that is routinely recited and used by many regarding in our gathering —it goes as follows:
    Almighty, you proclaim your truth in every age by many voices: Direct, in our time, we pray , those who speak where many listen and write what many read; that they may do their part in making the heart of the people wise, its mind sound, and its will righteous to the honor of the Almighty. ( Source: BCP 2016 -Prayer For Those Influence Public Opinion.827.)

  68. Voice is critical. Don’t allow others to minimize you or your voice. Your strength is in your thoughts, desires and voice. Always use your voice to empower you and others around you.

  69. This is a reminder about what’s legacy is and how each of us has an opportunity EACH morning to live our legacy and GIVE. It is not about $ it is about sharing…

  70. Wonderful food for thought! It’s a blessing to watch you impact so many lives through your amazing work, Cheryl Polote-Williamson! Reading this makes me reflect more on the qualities I want to be remembered for by my family, friends and community! It starts by making one kind gesture at a time and eventually it becomes routine….. that’s my goal!

  71. You are a beautiful inspiration to everyone. You continue to inspire me daily. Your drive and determination are relentless and unapologetic. Keep inspiring people all around the world and making all of us aspire to be better and do better!

  72. Your wisdom gives life and light! Your words have the power to overcome darkness and foil it’s plan to destroy! The life force in your legacy is self replicating and when encountered, it will produce greatness in all who have been waiting for you!

  73. I love your approach to leaving a little of yourself with others every day. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I wrote Leave A Legacy That Counts to encourage others to deposit their best in others every day. Big things get noticed, but caring for others in small consistent ways is powerful. Kudos to you. Keep it going,Cheryl!!

  74. Beautifully written. We all are responsible for leaving the world better and there is always something that each and everyone of us can do to serve those around us. Serving others is one way to make a big impact in our communities.

  75. This is such a great reminder for us to dig deep to continue to learn what we need in life so we can truly walk out our purpose! I pray that my legacy be carried out moment by moment as I encounter all who God puts in my path that their life is better in some way because they allowed me the privilege to have that moment with them. 💕

  76. Even before I leave this world, I want to reach many of people that’s broken and feel its no way out. Men, women, & children. I want to be to my children, not a perfect friend but an awesome mom. Show my girls/ladies how to respect themselves and others and also know their worth, how to be classy and bold with out being taken advantage off. I want to show my boys/men how to treat females and grow from a prince to a king. I want to help those that knows right to focus on doing right and not hurt others because they we’re hurt through out life. I want to help those that needs help but not those that forever take. I want to show those, the benfits of life through the struggle, when you push, have faith, and pray. This time around, I want to plant seeds in a positive way that will grow into an empire to help others. Plus so much more.

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