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Imani Bashir is a Black American Muslim woman whose work has centered identity, culture, and lifestyle. She has been featured in The New York Times, Travel & Leisure, Glamour Magazine, and others. Her purpose is to be an ambassador for creating content that shifts culture and provokes pertinent conversations.

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  1. This is amazing! I am encouraged by this post and while I don’t necessarily believe it’s possible to get this place with my siblings-in-love … it’s beautiful to read about a love like this!

  2. There is authentic truth about relationships here. I felt a momentary tinge of jealousy—even though I was born third into a family of seven and have always felt like the middle child as identical twins followed my birth. We have a strong love bond, but I always feel alone. Relationships are an investment in heart and head work — the true core of what all humans desire at some level.

  3. I can relate. I have a Sister In Law. Who is my sister. We have bond that is so special and our friendship has grown closer over the years. I am blessed to have her in my life

  4. This is so beautiful. As I read it, it reminded me of being a chid in the late 50’s when black people couldn’t stay in hotels but had the green book to locate private homes to stay in.
    These people treated us like family. We shared their, home, their dinner table, their tubs etc. This piece reminds me of respect. The foundation of any relationship.
    It was a huge heart hug.

    • As a traveler, I’ve enjoyed digging into that cultural nuance of Black travel. It’s definitely a special moment in time, so thank you for sharing!

  5. this made me emotional. finding a real sister friend bestie is def top 10 of fulfilling love stories 💋 there’s nothing like it

  6. Great words of true admission. Congratulations on finding a missing part for you. Your sister in law, is your key. Continue growing together.

  7. WOW!! Thanks for sharing that. That is truly amazing. My brother is getting married soon and my soon to be sister-in-law is one of my closest friends and I hope that we continue to be. I call her my double sister.

  8. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and personal relationship with your sister-in-law. It’s truly inspiring.

  9. This was beautiful! Sisterhood is so needed in these times and knowing how to respect each other’s boundaries strengthens the relationship in love and transparency.

  10. The story was awesome. I never thought of that, being a sister-in-law, myself. I wish that i had uses those points, from the story.

  11. Thank you for sharing your experience. What a beautiful story. My big sister never did any of those things with me. Nor did my sister-in-law. But I was blessed to have an auntie who is like a big sister to me. We can talk about anything. We travel together we hang out in just listen to music together. God is so good He knows what we need. Someone to just understand us.

  12. Sister in Love is perfect!!! I really enjoyed this read as my Sister in Law is actually one of my favorite people in the world!!❤️

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