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Tonya Ingram is a poet, Cincinnati native, Bronx-bred introvert, mental health advocate, kidney transplant hopeful, Lupus legend, cat auntie, and lover of Tom Hardy and The Office. Tonya currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. Beautifully and very reflective of many who are looking for their parents. I believe that there are many topics they are begging to know the answers to. Thanks, for sharing.

  2. My sista..i hope you send the letter and that he responds..We all need closure to move on in life. Your zest to find all of you is a wonderful thing..it is my sincere hope that it reaches him and your questions be answered. Peace and love.

  3. How beautiful this is. I hope you can one day meet your father and have your questions answered. I hope those pieces fall softly together for you. You heart and spirit and soul deserve this.

  4. Wow this story was so spot on ,relavent,and touched home . Well written , great job , thank you and thanks for sharing.It’s stories like this and people like yourself that have lately given me back my desire to write. Thank you!

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